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NEW DATES -Voluntary Forest Protection of South Ymittos

posted Jul 20, 2020, 10:48 PM by Newcomers Bulletin Board   [ updated Jul 30, 2020, 10:12 PM ]

Needs in the Upcoming Scheduled Forest Protection Shifts EDNY:


FRIDAY 31/07


Have you got three hours to spare during the summer? Do you want to help protect nature next to simple, independent, sensitized civilians just like yourself?
Then send your email address to Εθελοντική Δασοπροστασία Νοτίου Υμηττού (EDNY) to start receiving the relevant messages and instructions on how to join the Fire-Watch Shifts Program on South Hymettus Mtn.
Participation to the fire-watch shifts is free and does not require any other action on your end, nor will you ever be called upon to get anywhere near a forest fire.
Discover unknown aspects of South Hymettus Mtn., people like yourself, that have no relation with municipalities or paid contracts, and make a small but important impact for the protection of nature around you.

To that end – read below:



Dear friends of the 

As summer approaches its peak, the fire protection needs of South Ymittos increases. EDNY's continuous fire patrols continue, but few volunteers can cover the continuous shifts. That is why we invite you to participate by dedicating three (or more if you want and you can) hours in the coolness of the mountain, always accompanied by our volunteers, for a good cause.


There are staffing needs for the program "In case of Mobilization of Forest Protection" of E.D.N.Y. with which you can help, even without being a member. Spend three hours on "our" mountain and it will return them to you many times with beautiful images, coolness, strong emotions, good company and the satisfaction of aiding a good cause. Below you will find the shifts that must be covered based on the expected weather conditions and the data so far this week. Please, write the name, your mobile phone and the shifts you want, and you can cover and reply, as soon as possible, to this e-mail (you can just write your name and phone number next to the shifts you are interested in). It is recommended to declare as many shifts as you can as an alternative in case one shift has already been covered by others so you will be selected as a reserve.


It is noted that the shifts are activated only if the minimum number of volunteers required by the Forest Protection Regulation of EDNY is covered. In this case, if the shift you have declared is activated, you will be informed by e-mail, no later than midnight of the day before the shift, about the shift (s) in which you will participate, always accompanied by at least a Forest Protection Volunteer of E.D.N.Y., as well as for the other relevant data, such as e.g. Meeting Point.


Needs in the Upcoming Scheduled Forest Protection Shifts EDNY:

Tuesday 21/07

18: 00-21: 00


Wednesday 22/07

15: 00-18: 00

18: 00-21: 00


Important: In the following link you will find Y.D. of law 1599/86 that you must complete and consider for the original signature in Α.Τ. or K.E.P. and which you hand over to the EDNY Forest Protection Volunteer who will perform the duties of your team leader.

To download Y.D. Press here (

). Alternatively, you can use the same text, of the previous link, to publish the responsible statement electronically, through here (

 ) and then print it and deliver it to the team leader.

If there is no relevant Y.D. in the archives of E.D.N.Y. you cannot participate in forest protection activities, while if you have delivered it in the past no further action is required.



At this stage, forest protection teams are mobilized in the form of on-board patrols.


As Ordinary Forest Protection Volunteers you will never be called to face a fire and your registration with the E.D.N.Y. is not required. or other obligation other than the AD mentioned above.


Ensure adequate drinking water / snacks for personal use.

Do not forget your sunglasses, hat and sunscreen.

Wear long pants and comfortable, sturdy shoes (mountaineering boots are recommended) and have your mobile phone with you and charged.

Please, for your own safety and the proper operation of the shift, faithfully apply the instructions of the Forest Protection Volunteer E.D.N.Y. who will be with you as a team leader.


The team of E.D.N.Y.