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Volunteer Action at South Hymettus Mtn’s Reforestations & cutting the “vasilopita”.

posted Jan 20, 2020, 7:36 AM by Newcomers Bulletin Board   [ updated Jan 20, 2020, 11:16 PM ]
Action Title:

Volunteer Action at South Hymettus Mtn’s Reforestations & cutting the “vasilopita”.

Date/Time: Sunday 26 January, at 10:00.

Meeting Location:
The junction of “Irodotou” and “Priamou” streets, in Voula (Panorama). (Map)
4x4 vehicles will be available to transport participating volunteers to the action site, which is higher on the mountain and accessible via a gravel road.

Organized by: EDNY

Short Description:

The EDNY volunteers are organizing the thirdwinter action for the maintenance of the reforestations that they have undertaken on South Hymettus Mtn. and along with the care for the small saplings they will also be cutting their “vasilopita” for 2020. It is a tradition for EDNY that the “vasilopita” be cut on the mountain and that’s how it will be this year too. A bit of digging, a bit of pruning, a bit of tying where needed for the care of the thousands of little trees that the volunteers planted on the mountain, over an expanse of 12 stremmas, and then it’s time for treats, wine and cutting the “vasilopita”.

The EDNY volunteers are inviting anyone who wants to spend a pleasant as well as useful day on the mountain and, as always, have made sure that whoever is lucky enough to find the will not be leaving empty handed.

Need to bring:
- Comfortable, sturdy shoes (hiking boots recommended).

- Water/snack for personal use.

- Sweatshirt/raincoat.

- Leather/gardening gloves (optional).

- Pruning-scissors/spud (optional).

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