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The plan of lifting the lockdown and re-opening the economy

posted Apr 30, 2020, 12:05 AM by Newcomers Bulletin Board

Dear Friends,


This is the plan for the gradual lifting of the restrictive measures as announced by the prime minister Mr Mitsotakis and his team.

We consulted quite a few sites (all our sources after the end of the post), the official government presentation and translated the parts which were only in Greek into English.  As you well know, we are NOT a news agency, but only trying to help, please forgive us for any possible inaccuracy.


We promise to update constantly and keep you posted.



1st stage 4th MAY


·      small retail shops like electronics and mobile-telephony stores and hair salons - by appointment only

·      bookstores, beauty parlours - by appointment only

·      stationers, sports clothing stores etc. will be allowed to open.


*    the SMS system for venturing outside the home will also be scrapped.

*    Monday (May 4th) will also see the lifting on the movement of people within their prefecture of residence, but not outside.

*    Churches will reopen for individuals to pray alone, and with strict rules for the maximum number of worshippers allowed inside the church at the same time (10).  Services are still banned.


Ø Wearing masks will be obligatory in all closed spaces, a specific number of people will be allowed inside the stores at the same time and distances will

be kept like today.

Ø Wearing masks will be obligatory in all public means of transport, and people are advised to avoid all unnecessary transfers. There will be more frequent schedules during peak times for buses and other transportation.  This will result in fewer schedules at non-peak times, which he said were from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. to midnight during the week.

Ø There will be no traffic restrictions (odd-even), and 2 passengers + driver will be allowed in each car.

Ø Taxis will continue to carry a maximum one passenger, excepting a parent with underaged children or someone accompanying a person for medical reasons.

Ø People are advised not to use the elevators.

Ø In addition, civil servants will go to work at ministries in stages, starting at 7 a.m. The same will hold in large businesses, to avoid crowding.

Ø Retirees clubs like KAPI and Friendship Clubs as well as city nurseries will remain shut, but open-air athletic courts will open, keeping health rules. Children's open-air playing grounds and gyms will remain shut for the time being.



2nd stage, MAY 11


·      Only senior high schoolers will be able to return to their classes and all retail stores (except Malls) will reopen as well as the frondistiria.


MAY 17

·      On May 17 churches will be allowed to resume services and sacraments but will have to adhere to strict social distancing rules.


3rd stage MAY 18


·    lower grades of Gymnasium and high school will open

·    archaeological sites will open for visitors.

·    Thematic parks, botanical gardens and Zoos will open


4th stage 1st JUNE 


·    Malls

·    Cafes and Restaurants (only with outside sitting) will be back in business on June 1, following social distancing rules. (restaurants in malls will remain shut)

·    Swimming in non-organized beaches will be allowed on June 2nd.  Organized beaches will open 10 - 15 days later.


5th stage in June


*   year-round hotels will open, and the opening date of the seasonal hotels will be announced on a later date.

*   domestic flights will be restored

*   Later in June, outdoor children's play areas and

*   open-air cinemas will be back in business.

*   No festivals, concerts or athletic events will take place all summer.



This plan will be assessed every day and altered if necessary. 


Our sources where you can find more info: (click on the links)


TANEA English edition

Dave's Travel Pages


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