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Jewellery Workshops

posted Sep 25, 2020, 2:43 AM by Newcomers Bulletin Board
Bored?  Frustrated?  Have you about had it with COVID? EmojiEmoji 
Why not get out of your rut and enjoy a safe, fun get-together while using your imagination to do something creative, something to look forward to?

As an Interior Designer, I have always worked with design and construction. Working with my hands was also a passion so handmade jewellery came very naturally.

I will now be offering workshops covering jewellery techniques like wire work, threading, stringing, macramé and casting in wax among many others. I am also open to new ideas and suggestions.Consider this as a flexible arts and crafts group.

I plan to offer a first free workshop for beginners in order to discus the various techniques and get acquainted. Lessons will then take place for groups of no more than four people at a time along with masks, social distancing and open windows, when possible. You will be asked to buy some basic equipment, like pliers and cutters, but I will provide you with your own personal kit of all other materials.

Our purpose is to have a stress-free, fun, creative time and who knows?

You might be making your own jewellery presents by Christmas!

Workshops will be held at my home in Ano vrilissia.

For more details and information email : 

I look forward to hearing from you!

Alexandra Moraitou