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Converting U.S. Drivers License to Greek

posted Mar 12, 2021, 6:11 AM by Newcomers Bulletin Board

The following is general information for only those having a U.S. drivers license on how to convert to a Greek license, as I do not know how the Dept. of Motor Vehicles operates in other countries.  Please note that the first step must be contacting the Greek consulate/embassy nearest the state from which your drivers license was issued to confirm this info, as Greek regulations tend to change frequently.


-You need to get your US driving records delivered from the DMV to the Greek consulate nearest the state of issue.  If you have a U.S. address you can have your driving records delivered there, by a simple online application, but someone has to actually take them to the consulate.  The consulate then has to send the driving records along with a cover letter to the Ministry Of Transportation in Greece, stating that the license is valid, has not been suspended, etc.  This could take days or weeks, depending on the consulate.   Before you begin this process, definitely call up the consulate/embassy, because each state operates differently.


-Two medical exam certificates by doctors (accompanied by receipt of payment) who are affiliated with the Ministry Of Transportation.  This is an eye test and general pathology test, most local eye doctors and pathologists are affiliated and can do this.


-Copy of ID or Passport


-If non-Greek citizen, resident's permit or similar document


-Current driver's license 


-Translation of both sides of the current driver's license either by a lawyer of the Ministry Of Foreign affairs in Greece.


-Three passport- style pictures (The two are for the doctors)


-Application for the printing of the license.  (What will actually be written on it)


-50 EUR for issue

-30 EUR for the printing

- Χαρτόσημο receipt


Once the Ministry Of Transportation has all the documents, it takes 30 days to get your license.  They give you a temporary license on a piece of paper, but the police do not recognize this if you get stopped, regardless of what the Ministry officials tell you.