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Alternative Therapies

posted Sep 25, 2020, 2:48 AM by Newcomers Bulletin Board

Dear Newcomer friends,


So lovely to be able to write to you again about the Alternative therapies I offer. Many of you already know me either through my therapies or through the meditation classes I led a few years ago. However there must be  many new arrivals in the last few years who are not familiar with my therapies, so a small introduction is needed. Should you be interested,  you can read details in the above attachments.


My name is Perizat Hamdy , I have been practicing Alternative therapies, namely Jin Shin Jyutsu (a Japanese form of acupuncture without the use of needles) And EFT ( Emotional Freedom Techniques) also known as Tapping or Energy psychology. My therapies deal with both Physical and Emotional issues.  I have been in practice for twenty years both in Athens and in Cairo. So I have quite a vast experience. I am sure some of the Newcomers friends I have worked with, can vouch for the effectiveness of my therapies.


My main practice was in Kifissia Athens, for most of the time, however lately my practice is based in Cairo. I am  in Athens offering sessions for the 3 months of summer; usually July, August and SeptemberDue to ‘covid 19’ travel restrictions, I was late in coming to Greece and that is why I have extended my time here.


I am going to be in Athens (Kifissia)  for another month only, so should any of you feel that you need my therapies, I suggest you contact me as soon as possible.


For EFT (energy psychology) only few sessions are possible as it deals with specific trauma and phobia (it can be from 1 to 3 to 4 sessions usually) , but for Jin Shin Jyutsu it is usually a longer treatment specially if the issues are chronic physical issues, ( it can go from 10 to 20 sessions depending on the issues involved) .


For depression as you will understand from the above attachment , and according to my statistics having dealt with it in such cases innumerable times, we mostly need 20 sessions to clear it totally. It also depends on how depressed one is, it could take less in lighter cases. Therefore since I am only here for a month before I go back to Cairo,  we will probably need an almost daily session for heavier cases , what is called “Intensive treatment”.  I promise total healing from depression if the client commits to coming for treatment.


I have also included attachments for the conditions my therapies deal with.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with energy therapies, you can read the “Why and How Energy Medicine works.” It explains the processes thoroughly, I believe.


Important:  Social Distancing is not possible as it is mostly hands-on therapy- With EFT it is possible, but I do need to come closer in some cases. Sessions are held wearing  masks for both the client and myself. You can wear gloves if you wish. The shoes are left near the entrance. I have alcohol available for hands. Some wear double surgical masks, that is up to you.


Should you require more information, and for a first contact email


Wishing you all the best always, I sure miss our monthly meetings and events…

Warmest regards,