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Harvest Festival Service

posted Oct 18, 2019, 11:19 PM by Newcomers Bulletin Board

St Paul’s Anglican Church warmly welcomes everyone to join their annual Harvest Festival service
on Sunday, 27 October, 2019 at the Ktima Kokotos in Stamata.
SERVICE:      11 am – followed by wine tasting
LUNCH:        13:00 hrs   (Opportunity to buy wines and enjoy with your lunch)
PRICE:         10 Euros
VENUE:        KTIMA KOKOTOS – Stamata
PLEASE CALL:     LYNN STAVROU    683 83 25 089    or    211 18 38 414     TO BOOK A LUNCH PLACE, AND FOR ALL ENQUIRIES
Donations of dried and canned goods (within sell by date) welcomed for Sisters of Mercy
All proceeds, after expenses, go to Anglican Church and its charities.

10th Annual Trunk or Treating

posted Oct 15, 2019, 10:04 PM by Newcomers Bulletin Board   [ updated Oct 15, 2019, 10:15 PM ]

Its that time of year again....So join us for our 10th annual Trunk or Treating..Saturday, 

November 2 at 4pm...If you haven't joined us in previous years, we have a Car Boot Trunk or Treating in the parking lot next to the Grand Chalet on Kokkinara in Politia.  Cars must start arriving at 3:30pm, promptly

All families who would like to join us, just have lots of candy ready and bring your kiddies (we have had well over 200 kids the past years)....the kids go from car to car trick/treating...while you give out candy from your car...most of the cars are decorated....and there is a prize for the best decorated car…we also vote for best costume, and best pumpkin…so for those of you who are talented at pumpkin carving…bring your pumpkin along

Many of the cars have games with small prizes for the kiddies…my own included…those of you willing to set up a game again at your car, please let me know (I will have extra prizes as needed)…great ideas for easy games on the internet…The games make this event so much funner for the kids, so please, try your best!!!

There will also be lots of munchies for the kids and parents… brownies, popcorn, chips, cupcakes, cookies, doughnuts, warm hot chocolate, and spiced/spiked warm apple juice for the adults and a Bonfire to roast Marshmallows.  Those of you who can bring something this year, please let me know

We will need:

 Thermoses of hot Chocolate

 Thermoses of Hot Apple Juice, slightly spiked

 Brownies, Cookies, Popcorn, Doughnuts, etc.

 Several folding tables!! Very important, I only have 1 small one.

We then collect 2euros per child for the food items/drinks/paper supplies/prizes/decorations and extra candy…since the donated goods are not enough..

This year I am asking that the adults also give 2euros, so that we can collect a little bit more to give to charity..


I will need help with:

 2 volunteers to come early, around 3:00pm, to set up

 The goody table, usually need 2 people

 Volunteers to help with the voting, best costume, car, pumpkin, etc.

 One person for the Bonfire, to light it, and standby while the kids roast marshmallows

 I also need someone to help with the traffic, and parking.

 A Volunteer to be a zombie/etc., for our haunted house and give out candies to the kids(I provide the candy)   Favorite event every year, kiddies love it

We always combine this event with some type of cause.  Every year we donate the extra candy/food to the Deaf School in Drosia.

We will announce where the extra funds that we collect will be donated to very soon. 

Remember, the whole point is to have a trunk, so that the burden does not fall on a few families.  If for some reason you cannot have a trunk, please let me know, as you have to bring extra candy to be given to the cars who are participating.


The kiddies and the parents had a great time the past nine years...hopefully it will be just as much fun this year....and I am still working on lots of extra surprises!


Please let me know ASAP if you will be joining us and how many children you will be bringing.


Sophia Hiras-Micros


Lunch Bunch

posted Oct 10, 2019, 9:00 AM by Newcomers Bulletin Board   [ updated Oct 10, 2019, 9:07 AM ]

 SOMETHING FISHY’S GOING ON IN MELISSIA, and it smells….delicious!  Don’t miss this month’s Lunch Bunch at Psarokokkalo which features great seafood at great prices! Enjoy a variety of both traditional and unique dishes at this most popular restaurant and you will almost be able to feel the sea breeze!

PSAROKOKKALO (“Herringbone”)

Eleftheriou Venizelou 19, Melissia 15127, 210-8077535

Wednesday, Oct. 30th 1 PM



To reserve, contact: Kathy Cambas   

Art Guided Tour

posted Oct 10, 2019, 8:49 AM by Newcomers Bulletin Board

We are extremely happy that Martina Anagnostou is back, and she can now guide us in her very special way, around art exhibitions. Our first art guided tour of the season will be at the Hadjikyriakos Ghikas Gallery 

(Benaki Museum at 3 Krieziotou str, Athens) MAP




A few words by Martina about the exhibition:

How many of us have watched in wonder through hordes of tourists, the changing of the guard at the unknown soldier's grave on Syntagma? How many times have we crossed the precarious lights on this the most historic and saturated core of Athens? Vasilissis Sofias avenue, the Royal Gardens, fantasies of the days of king Otto and queen Amalia and the gardens populated with apes. We all have, most people that visit Athens will have. 

But how many of us have wondered into the narrow slanted streets just off of the hustle and bustle of multinationals and Mac' Donalds, into the quiet of a different world with modernist architecture of  "less is more",  and a promise of a truer story?

How many of us have visited the most humble and unassuming Ghika museum in these very streets just off Syntagma? 

Syntagma may presume to represent the political and historical center of Athens, but the Ghika museum is a true manifestation of the real history of an Independent Greece. Donated by Nikos Ghika to the Benaki museum, this exhibit would require days to go through properly as it tells the story of different collections, all relevant in understanding the history of modern Greece. 

Continuing from the Giannis Moralis guided tour at the Benaki Museum almost a year ago now, we will be taken on a journey through time to discover and understand the work and soul of the Greek modernist artist Nikos Hadjikyriakos-Ghikas in his own environment, a rare privilege. Concentrating on the top most floors of the exhibition which house the work, apartment and  studio of the introvert Nikos Ghikas, in this tour we will discover the Hadjikyriakos-Ghikas not only of Athens but also of London and of Paris and of Hydra and of Corfu. Ghikas had visited and lived in different countries, was extremely eloquent in English and was married to an English woman. Through these experience he had the capacity to view Greece from within but also from the outside. Let us once again visit the nostalgia of a post war Greece, though the life and work of Nikos Hadjikyriakos-Ghikas.


We will meet on Friday October 18 at 10:45 at the ticket office of the Ghika Gallery on 3 Kriezotou str.

The tour will start at 11:00 sharp and will last for approx. 2 hours. 

The cost of the guided tour will be 11 euros/person, and the entrance ticket to the exhibition (9 euros/person,  reduced 7 euros), is not included in the price. 


Please apply by Wednesday October 16th, as we have to inform the museum

by email:

Land line: 210-8077073

Cell: 698 8607866



 Katerina Tsitsipi

 Event & Activity facilitator

October 2019 Monthly Meeting

posted Oct 8, 2019, 6:28 AM by Newcomers Bulletin Board   [ updated Oct 8, 2019, 6:46 AM ]

NEWCOMERS is an informal social group dedicated to helping new arrivals assimilate into Athens

as well as doing rewarding work for the local community




 Wednesday, 9th October 2019


Please join us at the Newcomers Meeting at the Vathis Taverna. 

Our speaker is Major Ray Lamont with the Salvation Army.


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

You can show your support by wearing pink.


DOORS OPEN AT 10.00 am



(Current Members  €5 and New Members  €10)




This month's Gift of Love 

Donations for the Salvation Army 

Suggested items: Wet Wipes, Hair Conditioner, 

and Feminine Serviettes


Donations will be welcomed for the usual charity tables


 Vathis Taverna


(Newcomers Events are non-smoking)

From the train station in Kifissia it’s a 25-30 min walk, or take a taxi

You may call the taverna - 210 620 4834


If you unable to attend November Meeting please contact your Area Representative to reserve the ticket (Ticket only released on payment).Cut off date is Thursday 30 November

posted Apr 26, 2017, 11:29 AM by SD Bizz   [ updated Oct 8, 2019, 6:26 AM by Newcomers Bulletin Board ]







Garittou 13, Halandri



Tickets €25 (all-inclusive)


Get your ticket

on Wednesday 8 NOVEMBER

at the Welcome Desk




Welcome drink – fruit punch

 White or Red house wine




- bread basket -

- Cheese Platter -

- Basmati Risotto with vegetables, wild mushrooms

& white truffle oil -

- Aubergine with Feta -

-Spinach Pie -



- Coleslaw -

- Rocket, with sundried tomatoes, parmezan & balsamic -

- Mixed Green salad, with pine nuts, pomegranate seeds

& honey dressing -



(accompanied by baked potatoes)

-Turkey Roll (with Christmas stuffing dried fruit, prunes etc) -

- ‘Biftekia’ (chicken) -

- Kokkinisto Beef -




- Chocolate Gateau or ‘biscontino’ -

-Filter coffee –





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