Monthly Meeting

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Our monthly meetings are usually the 2nd Wednesday of each month, however, on occasions it may alter depending on holiday dates.

Listed below are the dates for our upcoming meetings this year.

2020 -    

                 12th of February : 

 “Happy 35th Birthdaymeeting is not to be missed!

With a Champagne and Chocolates lucky door prize. 

PLUS a Q and A presentation by our legal experts, 

MaryLou and Karolina Andriakopoulou.

At the Vathis Taverna, doors open at 10 am as usual. 

Great second hand book bargains! All donations to St Paul’s Anglican Church.                  

                 11th of March

                  8th of April

                  13th of May 

                  June Luncheon on the 10th of June            ====================================================================





 Wednesday, 15th January 2020 


Join us in welcoming the New Year at the Vathis Taverna.  We will celebrate with a vasilopita.


DOORS OPEN AT 10.00 am and


 (Current Members  €5 and New Members  €10)

Surprise event :

Shoe sale with proceeds to charity!

   Bring a friend to welcome in 2020 


This month our gift of love is O Allos Anthropos. It is a social community kitchen.  Dried and tinned foods are requested.


Donations will be welcomed for the usual charity tables.



 Vathis Taverna is located at 7 Kyrou Street, Kifissia

From the Kifissia train station, it’s a 30 min walk or take a taxi. 

You may call the taverna at 210-620-4834.


Newcomers Events are non-smoking.


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The Newcomers' Bulletin Board is a service intended to pass along helpful information to residents of Athens, Greece. Newcomers is an informal, non-profit, social group run by a committed team of volunteers offering support, advice and information to new arrivals in Athens via monthly meetings, activities, a newsletter and an e-community Bulletin Board. Newcomers is also dedicated to doing rewarding work in the local community by helping a small number of worthy causes.  Newcomers, as a group, never makes any profit;  if there are surplus funds left over from an event, the monies are donated to the charities supported by the group.