Members Corner

What is the best thing about Newcomers?  (continued)

Newcomers was the first group I joined when we relocated back to Athens. The positive attitude of the members, combined with their concern for the social integration of fellow members, as well as for the health and welfare of the community at large, confirmed the choice.

Seek a flat, find a bed, sell used furniture, seek a doctor to soothe your wounds, meet for coffee, join a writing workshop, avoid the metro strikes, join in community events, make friends, join friends, go to a yard sale, hear a concert, volunteer for a good cause, take a vacation, find a computer expert, go to a book reading, visit a gallery, meet the artist –all this and more, that is what newcomers brings to the foreign community in Athens.

I'm in Greece to be near my daughter and grandchildren. I take care of the grand kids while their parents work, and am teaching them and a few other children reading and writing in English.. Through Newcomers I met a great friend through the Le Chat Noir Pet Sitting service. And this friend has helped in many ways for me to learn about Athens and many new people as well, including the parents of the other children I teach. Without Newcomers, I think I would have been unhappy and lonely living in Athens.

Newcomers has been wonderfully helpful to me. My husband is working in a small office without a lot of resources to help new employees acclimate to life in Athens. With Newcomers, I always felt like I had a lifeline to ask for information and to meet people. I also really appreciated the Newcomers Directory, which has lots of helpful information about daily living. 

An amazing service - you get lots of mail from newcomers - but always something worth reading - and makes you feel there are friends out there.
El G.

One of the best things about Newcomers is the bulletin board where you can get recommendations for all kinds of services, from an English-speaking hair dresser to various types of doctors. I save all the recommendations that I see that I might use someday. Extremely useful benefit of belonging to Newcomers.
Robin K. 

I joined Newcomers in April 2008 having been in Belgium for 13 years. The reason? "Movie at the Mall" - a great way to see the films I like - it being more likely that other women would want to see the same kind of film as me. After a rather long delay, I saw my first film in November 2011!

I became a volunteer and took on the task of administering the Bulletin Board. What an eye-opener - but also what an opportunity to become familiar with the names of people that I would eventually meet and put a face to. I handed it over to Heather in February 2011, before taking on the job of Secretary. Not being a "techie" this is much more to my liking.

Through Newcomers, I wound up visiting the museums and learning all sorts of fascinating things about ancient Greece. Listening to our guide bring it all to life was at the same time exciting, disappointing and frustrating - "exciting" because she had the ability to make you feel you were there back in history but "disappointing and frustrating" on realising you weren't! The participants I met through the museum visits were all so diverse, interesting and fun and I am still good friends with quite a few of them.

I particularly look forward to the annual summer luncheon in the grounds of the convent. There is something so special about it - the food, the atmosphere, the fun time we all have and the glimpse here and there of Sister Irene and other nuns who take such joy in our presence.

I always get a buzz out of the monthly meetings - but somehow never seem to have enough time to talk to all the people I want to... and suddenly its over and we are leaving.... I love the fact that we are also attracting younger women who continue to return because they enjoy the warm welcome they get.

Becoming a volunteer with Newcomers not only gave me the chance to utilise my past experience and practice my rusty skills but I feel blessed that, through being a part of this group, I have met so many wonderful and inspiring women from all parts of the world.