Western Ntouka Canyon of South Hymettus Mtn. Hike

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Date/Time:  Sunday 24 November 2019, at 10:30 (strict departure 10:45). 

Meeting Location:

At the entrance of "Terpsithea" Stadium, near the junction of Tenedou and Agiou Nektariou streets, Terpsithea Glyfada. (Map)

Short Description: 

Does South Hymettus Mtn. have a dense forest? The answer is a resounding “yes”, along with many other wonderful natural gems. We will visit all of this during a circular hike that takes place solely on a mountain path, solely within a forest, with a multitude of points of interest (from caves, cliffs and impressive geological formations to towers) and amazing views towards all of Attica’s seas along the way.

On Sunday 24 November, EDNY hikes the western part of Ntouka canyon and invites you to join them in discovering one of the most valuable and hidden forested expanses of South Hymettus Mtn.. Come hike with us and “escape” while being right next to your homes. Part of the route will take participants on the “Sfittia Way”, known since the antiquity. It was the route that connected thearea of Thorikos near Lavrion with the Mesogeia valley, the city of Athens and coastal municipalities. It was in cοnstant use until the 1950s, mainly used by farmers that transported their produce via it. Along with the hike, the path will be checked for locations that require improvement/maintenance and we will be given the opportunity to use pruning scissors to clear the path a bit, at locations where the vegetation has encroached upon it. So arm yourselves with willingness to hike, discover and o a bit of light work, to enjoy this gift of nature and “our” mountain.

Cost: Free. Please leave a contribution towards EDNY.

Organized by: EDNY

Need to bring:
- Comfortable, sturdy shoes (hiking boots recommended).
- Water/snack for personal use.
- Sweat shirt/windbreaker/rain-coat.

Walking duration: Approx. 3 hours (8 klms)

Total event duration: Approx. 5 hours

Activity difficulty: 3/5. Takes place on forest path.