Art Guided Tour

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We are extremely happy that Martina Anagnostou is back, and she can now guide us in her very special way, around art exhibitions. Our first art guided tour of the season will be at the Hadjikyriakos Ghikas Gallery 

(Benaki Museum at 3 Krieziotou str, Athens) MAP




A few words by Martina about the exhibition:

How many of us have watched in wonder through hordes of tourists, the changing of the guard at the unknown soldier's grave on Syntagma? How many times have we crossed the precarious lights on this the most historic and saturated core of Athens? Vasilissis Sofias avenue, the Royal Gardens, fantasies of the days of king Otto and queen Amalia and the gardens populated with apes. We all have, most people that visit Athens will have. 

But how many of us have wondered into the narrow slanted streets just off of the hustle and bustle of multinationals and Mac' Donalds, into the quiet of a different world with modernist architecture of  "less is more",  and a promise of a truer story?

How many of us have visited the most humble and unassuming Ghika museum in these very streets just off Syntagma? 

Syntagma may presume to represent the political and historical center of Athens, but the Ghika museum is a true manifestation of the real history of an Independent Greece. Donated by Nikos Ghika to the Benaki museum, this exhibit would require days to go through properly as it tells the story of different collections, all relevant in understanding the history of modern Greece. 

Continuing from the Giannis Moralis guided tour at the Benaki Museum almost a year ago now, we will be taken on a journey through time to discover and understand the work and soul of the Greek modernist artist Nikos Hadjikyriakos-Ghikas in his own environment, a rare privilege. Concentrating on the top most floors of the exhibition which house the work, apartment and  studio of the introvert Nikos Ghikas, in this tour we will discover the Hadjikyriakos-Ghikas not only of Athens but also of London and of Paris and of Hydra and of Corfu. Ghikas had visited and lived in different countries, was extremely eloquent in English and was married to an English woman. Through these experience he had the capacity to view Greece from within but also from the outside. Let us once again visit the nostalgia of a post war Greece, though the life and work of Nikos Hadjikyriakos-Ghikas.


We will meet on Friday October 18 at 10:45 at the ticket office of the Ghika Gallery on 3 Kriezotou str.

The tour will start at 11:00 sharp and will last for approx. 2 hours. 

The cost of the guided tour will be 11 euros/person, and the entrance ticket to the exhibition (9 euros/person,  reduced 7 euros), is not included in the price. 


Please apply by Wednesday October 16th, as we have to inform the museum

by email:

Land line: 210-8077073

Cell: 698 8607866



 Katerina Tsitsipi

 Event & Activity facilitator