10th Annual Trunk or Treating

posted Oct 15, 2019, 10:04 PM by Newcomers Bulletin Board   [ updated Oct 15, 2019, 10:15 PM ]
Its that time of year again....So join us for our 10th annual Trunk or Treating..Saturday, 

November 2 at 4pm...If you haven't joined us in previous years, we have a Car Boot Trunk or Treating in the parking lot next to the Grand Chalet on Kokkinara in Politia.  Cars must start arriving at 3:30pm, promptly

All families who would like to join us, just have lots of candy ready and bring your kiddies (we have had well over 200 kids the past years)....the kids go from car to car trick/treating...while you give out candy from your car...most of the cars are decorated....and there is a prize for the best decorated car…we also vote for best costume, and best pumpkin…so for those of you who are talented at pumpkin carving…bring your pumpkin along

Many of the cars have games with small prizes for the kiddies…my own included…those of you willing to set up a game again at your car, please let me know (I will have extra prizes as needed)…great ideas for easy games on the internet…The games make this event so much funner for the kids, so please, try your best!!!

There will also be lots of munchies for the kids and parents… brownies, popcorn, chips, cupcakes, cookies, doughnuts, warm hot chocolate, and spiced/spiked warm apple juice for the adults and a Bonfire to roast Marshmallows.  Those of you who can bring something this year, please let me know

We will need:

 Thermoses of hot Chocolate

 Thermoses of Hot Apple Juice, slightly spiked

 Brownies, Cookies, Popcorn, Doughnuts, etc.

 Several folding tables!! Very important, I only have 1 small one.

We then collect 2euros per child for the food items/drinks/paper supplies/prizes/decorations and extra candy…since the donated goods are not enough..

This year I am asking that the adults also give 2euros, so that we can collect a little bit more to give to charity..


I will need help with:

 2 volunteers to come early, around 3:00pm, to set up

 The goody table, usually need 2 people

 Volunteers to help with the voting, best costume, car, pumpkin, etc.

 One person for the Bonfire, to light it, and standby while the kids roast marshmallows

 I also need someone to help with the traffic, and parking.

 A Volunteer to be a zombie/etc., for our haunted house and give out candies to the kids(I provide the candy)   Favorite event every year, kiddies love it

We always combine this event with some type of cause.  Every year we donate the extra candy/food to the Deaf School in Drosia.

We will announce where the extra funds that we collect will be donated to very soon. 

Remember, the whole point is to have a trunk, so that the burden does not fall on a few families.  If for some reason you cannot have a trunk, please let me know, as you have to bring extra candy to be given to the cars who are participating.


The kiddies and the parents had a great time the past nine years...hopefully it will be just as much fun this year....and I am still working on lots of extra surprises!


Please let me know ASAP if you will be joining us and how many children you will be bringing.


Sophia Hiras-Micros